Miriam The Film

Starring: Jemima Spence Kevin Miller Jane Stenson Simon Weir Atta Yaqub Lianne Robertson Martin Burns Andrew Coleman Alan Cuthbert Ray Crofter Stuart Francis
Genre: Thriller
Directed By: Luke Aherne
Release Date: September 11, 2016

Film Synopsis

When Miriam returns to work in the justice system no one really notices and only her old friend Jenny, seems to care. Miriam is back looking for revenge and there is one person in particular she wants to see...


Writer/Director's Statement

Central to the story is the mystery of Miriam. We are only introduced to our main character at the tail end of the opening scene – well after we see the action that has been happening around her but not including her. This is deliberate; Miriam is a woman who has chosen to hide in plain sight. Even the opening credit is based on the 'code' that stenographers use to record proceedings. Interestingly, stenographers will develop their own personal code over time which can make their presence in Court even more mysterious; they form the definitive record of a case but this record can become almost decipherable to anyone but them.

In Court, juries are often referred to as the 'Master of the Facts' and this has influenced how we present our story to the audience. We frame events and let them unfold within that frame. Miriam is nearly always in front of us. We very rarely place the audience behind or with our main character. In this way, we present the character and story for the audience to form their own view. We invite our audience to cast their judgement over the 'facts' of Miriam case. Despite this, we are still aware that this is very much Miriam's record of her story and that this record is only decipherable through her.

Which takes us to the moral heart of this story. Miriam was once a servant of justice. But her failure to deliver the right sort of 'justice' for a client leads to a personal tragedy for which she seeks revenge. Revenge and justice are not the same; revenge is personal and subjective whereas justice seeks to be objective and detached. Is Miriam right to fight fire with fire? You decide.

Directors Biog

Luke Aherne has been directing films for around 4 years.

He was one of three new filmmakers selected by Film4 as part of their 30th anniversary celebrations which included his reimagining of the famous opening scene from Trainspotting being shown at Somerset House, London.

He also directed a dance film for Channel 4’s Random Acts strand with multi-awarding producers BalletBoyz and Mark Smith, founder of Deaf Men Dancing and a choreographer for the 2012 London Paralympic Games opening ceremony.

More recently, the pilot for the political-action thriller Fanatic which he directed has been an official selection at several prestigious TV festivals in the US.

Miriam is his fifth drama project.

"When I met Jemima through Write Camera Action I thought we would work together some day. I liked her energy and sense of determination. So it was just a matter of how and when the right project came along. Miriam was that project."


"We've collaborated with some amazing people on "Miriam."  Music moguls "Scanners" have scored and close the film perfectly. Their songs have already appeared on the likes of "Entourage" and "Gossip Girl." See up coming posts for more details."

"It's easy to see how this story could transfer to a feature film."

"Miriam crosses the boundary of revenge but who would blame her!"