scanners-miriamSarah Daly and Matthew Mole formed Scanners in 2005 and released their first Album ‘Violence is Golden’ to critical acclaim one year later. They have released 3 albums on Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak label and toured all over Europe and the US with other band members Amina Bates, Ben Grillon and Tom Hutt.

This all slowed down 4 years ago when Sarah gave birth to the first of their two sons. They have been busy working on music for films and TV including work for various major companies and the BBC.

Their latest score for the film Miriam has attracted a lot of attention north of the border. With its ‘Stranger Things’ style synth and menacing guitar work it still retains the essence of the band, but adds to the suspense and taut energy of the thriller.

They have also almost finished their fourth album - though as yet have not worked out what to call it…

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